Saturday, July 9, 2011

Setting up an Amazon store

"Get an Amazon Store."  That was some advice I'd gotten when I said, "I'm an artist and writer and I'm trying to make a living online."  The trouble is, that advice came from one of those "internet marketing experts."

Man, the store setup was a pain, and because I don't lurk over on Amazon (except when I want to buy something) it turned out to be much more bewildering than I thought it might be.  I'd like it to be set up with my free (and cheap) ebooks (the reprints of the Coyote ashcans... those things are good advertising but I can't see charging folks for them in ebook format) and links to the books where I have been published all in one neat package.  And maybe some of my favorites for recommendations.

This was a mess.  Will get it in SOME sort of shape before Fencon.  I swears I will.

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