Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Glorious Time Wasters - Android Game Review of "Seven Little Words"

Glorious Time Wasters - "Seven Little Words"
Rating:  Everyone who reads well
Notes:  Great for the vocabulary.  You might have to hunt some things up!

We've all been there -- standing in the grocery line while the person in front of you unloads what seems to be a clown car onto the conveyor belt.  The checkout machine decides to not scan five items (based on some sort of random algorithm) and as you look around, you discover you ARE in the shortest line.  Ennui looms.   Tabloids hint at dark secrets.  Candy racks hint at high calorie satisfaction.

What to do... what to do?   Your fingers start to twitch...

Quick!  Grab your Android phone and hunt for a distraction!

A truly glorious time waster and brain exercise for those situations when you want something quick but not terribly mindless as a distraction.  This android game is text-based, so it's a match for almost every device -- no fancy graphics, no memory hogging animation.  It's a simple puzzle where you are given seven hints for seven different words, and they give you blocks of letters as a hint.   For example, one clue might be "communications device" and if you look at the word clump selections at the bottom, three of the ones you see are "dro" "an" "id".   You tap each of those three in sequence to spell "Android." 

The free version comes with 50 sets of 7 word puzzles, and you can buy other groups of puzzles for $1.00 each -- far cheaper than buying a crossword puzzle magazine.  And you can successfully avoid the compelling, "come hither" packaging of those cookies and endangering your mental capacities by reading another Entertainment magazine about Byonce or JLo or Brad and Angelina.

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