Monday, February 27, 2012

Glorious Time Wasters: Godville

Who it's for:  Anyone
Rating:  Five REEEEALY weird stars


I'm.. not sure whose time this android game is actually wasting, because technically it's not wasting your time.  This is an RPG game for android devices that you DON'T play.  It's sort of a social media thing with sort of guilds as well.  And actually, it's a little stranger than that, even.  It's a parody life, the universe, and  MMO games -- and best of all, you don't play it.

That's right.  You DON'T play this one.  It plays itself.

This is a text ...err... game -- or, rather, the diary of a luckless wannabe that YOU are godling over.  You create yourself a deity and a hero suddenly decides to find you.  Your godlike powers aren't terribly awesome -- but that's okay, because your hero isn't that awesome.  You can send your hero messages and encourage them (sometimes this means raining flower petals on them.)  You can also punish them and attempt to turn them to the Dark Side or become an outstanding do-gooder. 

Your hero does all sorts of things while you're not watching (which gives you a new perspective on how deities might see YOU.)  For instance, they will join a guild without your intervention.  This is a nice thing for those of you who deal with guilds on MMOs.  Less guild drama, more fun.

"Thought about writing in my diary, but then I changed my mind."

"Upon close inspection, this road seems to be paved with good intentions.  Huh.  I wonder where it leads.

"You know, Exalted One, I would have won that fight with the Wounder Man if that tree hadn't jumped out in front of me."

"Bunnies in burrows suddenly got suspiciously fussy."  (Yes you read that right.)

"Avoiding mudholes, monsters, and mimes"

If you get the game, DO make an account on the GodVille site.

It's free.  Check it out at the link below:

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