Tuesday, February 25, 2014

HabitRPG -- a good habit to get into!

My least favorite part of the day is doing ordinary tasks.  I like novelty, I like excitement, and I've been a gamer girl for decades, so when I saw that there was an app to "RPG your habits" I went over to check it out -- with just a tiny bit of skepticism.  How could you possibly have a web and smartphone app for tracking your habits that's been turned into a game?

After two months of trying it, I'm wondering why nobody ever thought of this before!

The application is lean (no memory hogging here!) and its simple interface and will remind you of your favorite 8-bit game graphics. You are given a character and you set your own tasks and decide whether you want them done daily, weekly, or on whatever schedule you like.  If you're a habitual procrastinator (that would be me, folks) then there's also a column for the "get this done or else" list.  Delay your tasks too long and your health bar goes down.  Quit doing them for a day or two, and you're dead.

Or at least your character is.  There's scary stuff out there!

Luckily there's a "vacation mode" (if only we could get life itself to install a "vacation mode.")

After two weeks, I don't know that I've developed any habits, but it IS an excellent reminder system for me to keep up with certain tasks... like writing new posts for The Silver Geek.


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