Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Glorious time wasters -- "Clouds & Sheep" for Android

Android Game Review:  "Clouds and Sheep" -- another glorious waste of time!

Initial review:  Four stars -- amusing but slightly sadistic
Game category:  Vikings type game
Game type: Arcade
Recommended device size:  any device
Who'd enjoy it?  Anyone not troubled by some mildly sadistic acts like sheep tossing.

This is another game from Handy Games and as usual features rather charming graphics and an easy to use interface.   The object is to keep your sheep happy and finish a series of very amusing quests -- like do the sheep toss.   PETA would not approve of the sheep treatment, but they seem to like it.

The designers also allow you to save games so that you could either start at the level you left, restart an earlier version, or begin a new game and take the "best" scores.  One of the biggest tips for this would be "don't have too many sheep."  They breed like... well... sheep, I guess.  It's hard to keep them all occupied.

So there you are, planting flowers to make sheep amorous and planting grass to feed them and handing them refreshing cool drinks or coffee -- and you also get to control the weather.  Piled up clouds make a nice rainstorm -- and combined rainstorms make a nice thundercloud.  "Sheep coffee" costs stars, but a lovely thunderbolt is free and wakes the sheep up just as effectively (so does bouncing them, but the thunderbolt's a lot of fun, frankly.)

A good time-waster, quick to learn, quick to play, easy to set down and pick back up again.

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