Friday, November 11, 2011

Android games: "Alchemy" -- a glorious waste of time

Android Game Review: Alchemy
Android Market link:
Android games: "Alchemy" -- a glorious waste of time
Game category: Puzzle game
Game type: Similar to ...alchemy, actually
Initial review: Five stars
Recommended device size: Any
Who'd enjoy it?:   Most ages

Andrey 'Zed' Zaikin's lovely time-wasting Alchemy game is one of the classics of the free game market -- and if you haven't tried it yet, you really should.  It's sort of a twist on the Greek view of the Universe -- that there were four elements that made up everything in the universe.  You start with fire, earth, air, and water and drag them on top of things to make new items.  So, fire plus water equals steam.  That was easy!  You can take elements you've already made (steam) and add it to something else (air) and make something new: a cloud!

But it gets weird after that.  "Ash tray" = ash + glass.  "Grape" = earth + wood.  "wolf" = werewolf + moon.  "Star" = sun + scientist (I like that!)

The final list of elements?  Well, the app maker updates it occasionally, and there's always new combos.  I had this on another device and downloaded it to my new Samsung Galaxy and was very surprised to find out that some combinations were for countries.  The "Kama Sutra" combination also surprised me.

Items with a tiny red dot on the picture are "final products" and can't be combined in other ways.

The first fifty or so are easy... for the rest, there's hints and cheat sheets. 

It's a real classic time-waster!

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