Thursday, November 3, 2011

Glorious time Wasters -- Match Up: People Edition

Match Up -- People Edition

From the Magma Mobile folks who created the nice little "Memory Match" game for the Android operating system comes a new twist on the classic "Match" game  -- the "People edition."  This version of the game uses pictures of people whose biographies you can find on Wikipedia (if that statement sounds a bit dodgy, it's because I don't watch movies or tv much, can't identify most actors or singers (other than the Beatles) or athletes, and have no idea what various entrepreneurs look like).  If you're bad at recognizing faces, this is a good game for you.  Make that a GREAT game.

It's the standard type of game play -- touch the cards to flip them.  Cards that you haven't looked at have a question mark on the back.  This particular version allows you to pick how many cards you want in your grid -- 4 cards (yes, 4), 16, 30, 36, 64, 72, 90, and 100 card versions.   The images are a mix of black and white and color pictures.  This is a good deal for those of us who are very bad at recognizing faces, because you can cue off hairstyles and colors. 

Memory match games are mind-numbing amusement (not a thrill a minute) and at the 64+ card level, a good quick brain workout.  Now if there was only an option for you to insert photos of your relatives or folks you meet in social situations.  That'd be a great review for those Awkward Social Situations we all seem to fall into.

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