Thursday, October 13, 2011

Aqua Pets for Android -- tips and tricks

There's not a lot of games that I'm tempted to play these days -- I'm an avid World of Warcraft player and I do enjoy playing the Sudoko puzzles, so I'm not really sure why I picked up Bionic Panda's "Aqua Pets" game for my Android tablet, other than it was free and the little logo was cute.  I loved it and played it in the bath tub or whenever there was "down time."  It was just perfect for that -- you could stop it at any time and come back to the same spot.

Then I dropped my Android tablet (AIEE!) and had to go buy a new one (because, of course, nobody fixes screens) and by the time I got back to the Android Marketplace, Aqua Pets was gone.  So you can imagine my delight when I found Aqua Pets back on the Android Marketplace last week.

The in-game currency had changed and other things were added.  When I went looking for tips, I found there were none.  So here's a list of some of the tips that I picked up from the Facebook page and other pages.  Right now my character is level 13, and I'll be posting results from various experiments like testing fish food and bait and rods.

SOME BASIC TIPS -- fish tanks

  •  Feeding the fish does result in happy fish that will reward you 24 hours later.  Different fish, however, like different food.  Although you supposedly can get pearls when you feed the fish, so far, all I've gotten are coins (3 to 12 gold coins.  So the coins DO make up for the cost of the fish food plus a little... but not much.)
  • You can feed your aquarium fish all day on the food you purchase.  Some of them swim faster than others and will eat the food before the others do.
  • If you feed the fish food that they DON'T like, they won't eat it.  No happy fish the next day, so no coins from them.
  • Don't be afraid to sell the Aqua Pets you catch (including rare and legendary pets) unless you're saving them to create a special tank.
  • Feed your fish when you're connected to the Internet (because the rewards will be calculated on their servers.  No internet access = no record of feeding.)

SOME BASIC TIPS -- fishing
  • Some items can only be caught with certain poles and baits
  • The ice cube fish can be caught by using a snowflake rod and pellets.  More about that when I reach that level.
  • Orange bugs and spotted worms (according to the Bionic Panda team) are probably the best "bang for the buck" NON-free bait.
  • You need pellets to catch most of the legendary creatures.
  • Fresh water fish can be caught with the wooden rod.
  • You can catch common, uncommon and rare fish with regular bait.
  • You can catch the panda with bamboo
  •  mechanical fish like the Metal Bits

PEARLS (a bone of contention)
According to the Bionic Panda Facebook staff, there are three ways to get free pearls in Aqua Pets:

1) a random fish may give you a pearl as a reward for feeding them the prior day
2) reaching an achievement - like sharing your tank (total over 100 pearls available)
3) trying the free offers - located by clicking on the pearl
I'm a little reluctant to share games on Facebook (mainly because I don't want to see game updates from friends.)
Bionic Panda's tips for posting your tank on Facebook:

1) Try to post your fish tank on Facebook while you are connected over a wireless connection.
2) Be sure you are logged in to Facebook before you post


  1. I noticed that if you are feeding the fish the right pellets the fish will flash kind of like it does when you get your bonuses from them. I have gotten 3 pearls from this method. The polar bears, werewolves, angry ogre fish, and the baby wholphin all flash when they are fed the meatballs. I'm not sure which of the pets gave me a pearl this morning but I know it was one of the 4. I hope this helps everyone! Happy fishing;)

  2. I'm a complete addict, as is my husband. I lost the game, much like you, when my phone croaked. Meanwhile, the hubby kept on playing. I have finally gotten the game back on my tablet now, and wow have things changed! I am but a level 15 while the hubby is some stupidly high level with all these awesome fish. He gets pearls from his happy fish just about every other day! He claims it's due to giving them their favorite food as well. Here's hoping I can catch up!

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  5. I wish they would bring the game back