Friday, October 28, 2011

Glorious Time-wasters --"Fly, Dragon!" Android Game

(Review of free game, "Fly, Dragon" found in Android Marketplace)

Initial review:  Five stars!  Fun!

Game category:  Angry Birds type game
Game type: Arcade
Recommended device size:  any device
Who'd enjoy it?  Anyone.  Good for distracting kids, whiling away time in the dentist office, de-stressing after a nasty morning, etc.

This one's got a really cute premise -- you're a baby dragon who can't fly yet but CAN glide... and you're hopping out of the nest to have an adventure, gliding through the sky.  You have a ten second head start before Mom notices you're gone and comes to take you home.  Along the way you can pick up speed boosting potions, invisibility potions (to sneak past her) and so forth.  Game levels add complexity to the setup.

You start out by sliding downhill -- the trick is to let your finger represent gravity -- so you touch the screen when dragonlet is headed downward, but lift the finger off just before dragonlet gets to the ground.  Don't touch the screen when dragonlet is headed upwards -- unless there's a line of potions over the hilltop that you can collect on the way down.  If you get the right kind of glide (a 'swoosh') three times in a row, the dragonlet will breathe fire.  But Mom's right behind you (there's a distance indicator on the lower left that shows how far back she is) and if you slow down too much, Mom's gonna get you and take you back to the nest.

It's an easy game to learn (so it's good to share with the kids) -- and the scenery changes to different "lands" as you get farther away from Mom.  Different levels have different challenges that you can accept... or you can just have silly fun letting your dragonlet fly all over the place.  The screen is colorful and uncluttered (so it's easy to handle, even on a small screen)

It's ad-supported, so expect ads on the bottom of the screen -- but it's free!

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