Monday, October 24, 2011

Fish Food For Fish

 Sometimes I think it'd be simpler and more exciting if they just ATE each other.  You know; toss a couple of those I-can't-believe-I-caught-another-one Chalk Basselets in with a few of the Seals and Sharks and let them have at it.  In any case, I'm experimenting with the fish food bits to see what's the best bang for the buck.

I did get my very first pearl from feeding fish yesterday, but it was on a tank of miscellaneous fish that I was feeding "Organic Pellets" to... and I have no clue which fish it was, either.  None of them flashed with excitement about the "Organic Pellets."  As I recall, the tank was one of those miscellaneous "I'm just fishing it up, what the heck" tanks.

Meanwhile, a partial list of Aqua Pets fish that adore "Chicken Nuggets"

Seals -- all varieties
Barracuda (ditto)
Squid (all varieties)
Lionfish (all varieties)

Oddly enough, crabs and shrimp don't go for them.  You'd have thought they would, but they seem to scuttle around and just not be overly excited about things.  Manta rays (which I KNOW are carnivores) don't seem to be interested, either.  I may try them with meatballs after I get enough large carnivores.

I did spend two pearls on "glowing blue pellets" last night and came up with the Royal Beefeater Freshwater Angelfish (using a wooden rod), which is really kind of cute.  I may do a capture of the tank with him in it before I nuke and restart.

The game is fun up to about level 20-25, when you run out of pearls and you're in the position of having to share (looks like you quit getting pearls after 20 shares -- something I'll have to investigate).   So I'm planning another run up to 20, throwing all my pearls on fancy bait, capturing the final results, and then uninstalling and starting over again.

...if they don't fix it.  Anyone know of any similar games?  Tap Fish is just WAY too dull for me.

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