Friday, October 21, 2011

Grumpy customers!

Although the comments about the latest incarnation of Aqua Pets are really nice and chirpy on Facebook, the comments in the Android Marketplace (where Bionic Panda can NOT have them removed) are scathing.  After playing for awhile, I've decided that although I'm keeping the game, I do agree with some key points:

* they should have gone with both free and paid versions
* they should have done like Angry Birds and gone into merchandising
* the "bonus" feature for catches isn't working well (ten catches in a row and you get a 'secret bonus.'  Most of the time, my catches with ANY bait and a 'secret bonus' are a common fish that I've caught a dozen times or more.
* the "energy" feature is a real pain.

The October 18th (version 1.2.03)update was nothing to write home about.  In the words of the Aqua Pets Facebook support staff, they:
1) Added a new notification icon to the main screen for messages
2) Updated the Aqua Pets icon on the app and start screen
3) Minor bug fixes
Uhm... yay?

BUT... I've tried some of the other fishing games (Tap Fish, which bored me to death) and they weren't as much fun.  So I'm running the game up to level 25 or so (or until I run out of pearls) and am tinkering with the strategy on "how to make it more fun without actually spending anything."

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